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A Scottish GP has called for chocolate to be taxed in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes to tackle increasing levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Dr David Walker, a A Scottish said that many people eat their entire daily calorie requirement in chocolate, on top of their normal meals and called for chocolate to be taxed in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes to tackle increasing levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

He added that chocolate used to be a treat but has turn into an addiction to many people.

Dr Walker, who is also a trained food scientist and nutritionist, sees the chocolate as the major contributor to the explosion of obesity and the related medical conditions and believes that a tax on products containing chocolate would make a real difference.

He will put his proposals to colleagues at a BMA conference in Clydebank.

Although there is a lot of negative publicity about other fast food and junk food, chocolate is somehow managing to sneak under the radar.
Revenue raised from taxing chocolate products could be used by the NHS to deal with the health problems caused by obesity. The doc will also suggest that the extra money raised could be spent on increasing and improving sports facilities.

It takes a person three hours of continuous walk to burn off the calories after eating a bag of chocolate sweets. Exercising is just not enough, it also takes moderate chocolate intake to stay on the good track.
Representatives from the food and drinks manufacturing industry have dismissed Dr Walker's suggestion.

Food and Drink Federation feels that introducing regressive taxes on the foods that consumers love would only result in lighter wallets and not smaller waists. Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that such 'fat taxes' would actually work in reality.

Similar notion has already been debated back in 2003, when it was voted against such an idea on the grounds that such a taxation policy would have no effect on obesity, would hit lower income groups hardest and would be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Dr Walker, however, feels that a special case should be made for chocolate. "It has lost its status as a 'special treat' and I think that if we charged a tax on it then, over a number of years, we could restore that status" , he stated.


I agree that chocolate is addictive, there are moments when I can't get enough of it and the more I eat, the bigger the desire gets for more.

I'm up for taxing it, it might prove useful in the long run.

Even if it hits the poor the hardest, it actually should, because it is the poor that eat most of the junk food, so eating less chocolate would be a good thing for them, they may instead decide to buy bananas.


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It's obvious that new US administration is trying to do a clean cut on every corner, which is positive, since the recession is on the rampage. However, I don't think that additional taxation on chocolate would reduce the number of national obesity patients. They have to do much radical measures against particular junk food chains first, but this is a knife with two blades.


Considering the traffic that fast food restaurants get now,....... taxation on junk food would certainly be a knife with two blades as someone needs to fill the Government's bag.


I don't think chocolate should be considered in the same category as alcohol and tobacco. Chocolate is a food (not necessarily the healthiest), but alcohol and tobacco are downright poisons. I think chocolate can be made into a healthier food by replacing the supersaturated palm oil with polyunsaturated oil such as canola oil, and by reducing the amount of sugar in it. Chocolate can also be fortified with omega3 fatty acids, antioxidants and resveratrol. I am sure the technology exists for chocolate to be reformulated to taste just like the real thing, and chocolate lovers will not have to abstain from it in order to stay healthy.


Smokers have been trying to get through to people that like the cigarette tax that it is against our constitutional rights.
Smoking is bad, I agree, but it's not just the "smoke" that is the issue. It's giving up our freedoms.
They tax cigarettes and alcohol ( funny here in the US you can buy beer cheeper than soda!!!!) let our "rulers" tax the c**p out of everything....we are already tax broke!
After tobacco, alcohol, gasoline, chocolate...lets see next will be fast food, walking on the sidewalk, mowing the lawn, breathing air!
All so we can fund the goverment's idiotic spending! and make the CEO's richer.

Love my country...but getting fed up with all the nonsense.