I have been taking clonazepam to treat PTSD and anxiety for 9 months. I started at .5 mg once a day and went up to 1 mg once a day. I have been tapering off for a few months by going down to just .25 mg once a day. I finally went completely off of the drug 1 week ago. About 4 days after coming off the drug, I started having dizzy spells. Now 7 days off the drug, I feel like I am in a constant state of dizziness and feel like my brain is foggy. I am tired all the time, too. Since I was only on the drug for 9 months and have been on just .25 mg for 3 months, I am surprised at the severity of the side effects. How long would the side effects last?  I really do not want to be back on this drug, or any other drug, considering the impact it is having on my body. I just would like some assurance that this will end and an idea when it might end.