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Alright, I have been reading for weeks on this. I was on birth control for almost 2 years. In March I missed a few pills and had  like a brown discharge for almost 2 weeks. That started on March 11 (when I usually start my period). After I finished that pack of BC I stopped taking the pills. My bf and I have unprotected sex all the time, we use the pull out method. There was an isntance where he thinks he came in me, maybe one little squirt.  My period should have been here April 8th and today is the 18th. I have been having cramps like I am about to start my period, feeling very tired, headaches, light headedness. I really wanted a certain food the other day and when I went and got it, as soon as I looked at it it made me feel sick to my stomach. I feel nauseated mostly at night time but during the day too. I go to the bathroom a lot but I believe that is becasue I just recently started drinking coffee. My boobs are not sore. The cramps are kind of low. I have had the cramps for almost 2 weeks. Intercourse was painful the other night. It felt like when he was deep that someone was pinching about where the cramps happen. I have taken MULTIPLE hpt tests, which all have come back negaive. My mother told me she was 10 weeks with me before she had a positive hpt tests. Just worried because I have read sooooo many different threads on this subject. But I have not had ANY SPOTTING WHATSOEVER since my last kinda period in March.


from wat your saying i could say maybe you are pregnant iv been pregnant 3 time and had bad cramping for the first 3 months of pregnancy. i think maybe you should try to use a different brand of pregnancy test if its still negative then it might just be cuz your not pregnant if your still feeling the way you are then you should talk to a doctor about it.