I'm very confused and hoping that someone can help.
For the last 2-3 weeks I've been feeling sick. It started with frequent urination (which at first I thought was a UTI or bladder infection). I've also been having cramps for about a wk and a half. But they aren't my normal period cramps. They're not as strong or painful. Then progressed to nausea (off and on daily and worse at night), headaches, lower back ache, severe bloating for 2 weeks (which is now going away), fatigue and more recently- dizziness.
I'm on birth control pills but have always had irregular periods. I've missed my most recent period by about 6 days. I've taken two EPTs (one around dinner time and the next first thing in the morning) 5 days apart and both were negative.
Could I be pregnant even though both tests said no?

Another question I just thought of....
Twins run on his side of the family. Is it possible that I'm getting negative results because I'm not that far along but feeling preg because it's more hormones than one baby? (hopefully that made sense?)