I have been trying to get pregnant for about 1 1/2 year now for awhile all I thought about was getting pregnant but I've learned to stop trying so hard and let it happen my Periods were crazy for awhile so I didn't know when I had ovulated or if I was even ovulating but in June of 2012 I was feeling so tired an exhausted I took a pregnancy test it came up positive so I took 3 more tests because I couldn't believe it and they were all positive I ended up having a miscarriage a couple weeks after I found out but every month after that my period has been regular but my doctor put me on clomid 50mg cycle days 5-9 I took that dose march of 2013 but I got what I think might be my period on the 4th of April 2013 although it was lighter then usual and I started out spotting only but usually my period is real heavy but it lasted 4 days 3 days after it ended I started cramping and having lower back pains like if I'm going to start my period again but I just ended and I've been feeling nauseated when I smell certain things like cigarette smoke really makes me sick i smoked for along time so it never bothered me also just different things that I can smell I told my husband a few times now that I smell popcorn and Doritos I feel hungry every 1-2 hours even if I just ate I'm so confused