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Recently, im taking YAZ and i have had break through bleeding as in spotting for the past 2 weeks that im on it.
this is my first pack, and ive been spotting, and everything.
me and my boyfriend had sex, 2 days ago, (he did not cum )
now im not spotting, all the time, i haven't been since i woke up this morning.
i want to know if i could be pregnant, since we did it unprotected.
i have not taken any pregnancy tests, but i will take one hopefully soon .
things have not changed in the past 2 days other than that.
i wonder if i am pregnant or if the birth control pill is working now.
but last night i was bleeding very heavy. it was my last pill for that 2nd week .
can somebody help me out ? give me advice?
im not aiming to be pregnant. i just need to know if it's the right time to panic or not.


I can't speak to whether the birth control is in full effect yet or not.
But I can answer your question, "Is it possible that I might be pregant".... YES, you choose to have unprotected sex with your bf. This is ALWAYS a chance that you may become pregnant from unprotected sex.... even if "he didn't come".

Anytime a guy is erect and has sexual stimulation, he produces what's known as "pre-cum". This fluid CAN contain sperm cells, and so ANY unprotected sex, even if he didn't ejaculate, could impregnant you.

As for your birth control pack and regimen... I cant say. Perhaps someone else can address that.



Guest: Thank you for the pregnancy tips, but if my birth control pill is effective, then
most likely, i will not be pregnant.
but if it isn't then ill know it's time to worry..
but thank you !