This has a lot of information in it becuase I don't know what is happening with my body and I just want someone to tell me this is normal and will stop soon . 

So , I switched to nuvaring after being on the depo shot. The depo shot made me really sick and I was tired of it. So I switched to nuvaring. Apparently, during this switch I became pregnant as I had a chemical pregnancy a few weeks later. It was extremely heartbreaking. I wasn't trying to have a baby but I have always wanted to be a mom. After all of this I decided to quit birth control all together. I hate how long I have been on it and I hate how nothing seems to work well for me without making my depression worse, or making me mean or making me sick often. Also, after knowing there was a possibility of a child my significant other and I have decided to prepare to try to conceive soon. 

Anyway , I only stopped the nuvaring three days ago but I feel nauseous and extremely emotional. My boobs and back hurt and I have had a headache that won't leave. I was only on the Nuvaring for a month and a half and for the half it wasn't even really that as I was a few days late putting it in. I don't think I'm pregnant but if I was it is too early to test anyway. Are these normal symptoms? I have never experienced this when coming off of other birth control.