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Users comments and reviews on article Help your children deal with divorce by TaniaT


Regarding your article about helping kids through divorce, I have a tool that I’m sure you’ll be interested in adding to your arsenal for children and their parents to use to help them through the divorce process! I’ve recently illustrated the award-winning children’s book “You and Me Make Three” which is sold in conjunction with B.B. the Bear (manufactured by Build-A-Bear Workshop). On each page is a Parent Tip from the court mandated SMILE Program co-authored by Richard S. Victor (an Oprah Show alumni). My partners and I (all divorced women) are certified in the Sandcastles Program by M. Gary Neuman, M.S., LMHC (Oprah’s “Go-To” expert). I believe that our product will be an asset to your "Suggested Reading".

We believe that educating both parents and children with the help of our book will open lines of communication between the two. Children will no longer imagine and wonder ‘why’ their parents are divorcing, and the advice to parents on each page will help them address difficult issues with their kids and how to treat each other appropriately to lessen the negative impact on their children.

The publisher of the book, EDCO Publishing, is owned by a former teacher of 25 years. Textbooks and educational material are her main production. The mission statement of our company is “A B.B. Book and Bear in Every School in America!”.

We hold charitable book launches/fund-raisers that are geared to placing book and bear packages in schools and guidance counselor’s offices and libraires through contributions from the local community. Please check our website,

Remember, “The greatest gift you can give to your child is the right to love both parents equally”.

Thank You for putting kids first!

Heather Drescher, Illlustrator