My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time on Friday 04/26 around 4pm, it was also my very first time ever having intercourse. The condom unfortunately broke and we freaked out. I took the morning after pill Saturday 04/27 around 7pm and everything seemed ok at first. The next morning I woke up and started having a clear discharge with a slight odor to it, similar to when I ovulate but in larger quantities that as of now (05/01) have not stopped. However I learned that clear discharge might have been a side effect of the morning after pill but I am uncertain. You see we had sex the last day of my period, when the flow was light and generally I don't ovulate until at least 5 days after my period, sometimes up to a week and a half after, so of course I was startled to see it. I'm drinking chamomile tea which causes vaginal contractions to expel anything in the uterus but I am quite frightened as I am only 17, is this simply the fluctuation of my hormones due to the pill, or a sign of pregnancy?