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I'm older than the average poster here, old enough to remember when eating morning glory seeds was a new fad--in the 1960's. I had a few friends who tried it. Some had good trips, one had a bad trip he never really got over. But there are reasons for that I'll explain in a minute.

The kinds of morning glory seed that contain the hallucinogen are Argyreia nervosa, Ipomoea tricolor, Ipomoea violacea, and Ipomoea purpurea. Basically, if the flower is purple, or it's blue, or it's got stripes, the seed has drug-like properties. The medical profession understands the Asian varieties of the flower (Argyreia nervosa) better than the ones that are native to Mexico and the USA.

All of the common varieties of morning glory have the chemical that is associated with "druid's fantasy" (if you're in Europe, you may have heard it called that, in the USA, probably not) and LSA, a chemical that's kind of a watered down version of LSD.

Morning glory seeds were used as a sacrament by the Aztecs. They became popular in the United States after an herb expert named Richard Schultes wrote about them (and lots of other hallucinogens), and they became very popular as a cheap party drug about 1965. To stop people from eating them, and to keep the government from banning them, in the late 1960's, American seed companies started putting a toxic fungicide on seeds sold in seed stores. If you are getting your morning glory seeds from a garden supply center or buying them from a seed catalog, you probably aren't, unless they are marked "organic," getting something that's safe to use on a regular basis.

Not everybody goes on the same kind of trip from morning glory seeds. Most commonly, the effect is just a relaxing high sort of like smoking pot. Some people experience synthesia, which is the "trip" that most people get when they take LSD. That's the experience of hearing sights and seeing sounds and general scrambling of what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

Most of the time the trip either doesn't happen at all or lasts about 2 hours. Some people, however, become extremely depressed from their morning glory seed trips. Generally, these are people who are "control freaks" in their daily life. They lose control and "lose it." They can become paranoid, extremely fearful, and sometimes suicidal. Actual cases of suicide after taking morning glory seeds are rare. But if someone is "tightly wound," a kind of psychotic break may occur after tripping on the seeds.

Where you potentially can get into real trouble is if you try to extract a chemical called ergine (which can be used to make LSD) from morning glory seeds. Seeds aren't going to get the attention of by drug enforcement officials. Making ergine is. Just grinding up the seeds to extract the hallucinogen out of them is a felony in the US and in most other countries. Taking the ground up seeds someone else prepared for you is a crime, too. And if you don't know how to extract the active chemical (we aren't going to tell you how here), it breaks down before you can use it, anyway. Plus the seed oils are a powerful laxative, and can make you throw up.

If despite all this you are going to use morning glory seeds anyway, make sure you have a friend who isn't tripping nearby to help you out just in case something goes wrong. Be aware that sometimes they can have effects that are pretty icky, that is, the vomiting and diarrhea part. And if you have to eat the seeds, at least buy organic. You don't want to eat fungicides, too.

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