I had sex the 13th day of my cycle. My cycle calender says I'm not suppost to ovulate until the 20th but I think it may be off because around the 13th and 14th I had egg-white discharge? Doesn't that mean I was ovulating at that exact time? Anyways the condom broke and my guy didn't tell me until 3 days later bc he thought I would freak out! Ughh! Well now I am more than ever.. I took Next Choice around 65 hours after sex. Two days ago today- I havent had any side effects. This two week wait is going to be the death of me so anyone please help!


Does the white discharge mean that was the time I ovulated or should I go by my calender?
How effective is Next Choice if I had already ovulated and taken at 65 hours?
If he pulled out before he went, but the condom was broke what's the chances of me being pregnant?

Any information is greatly appreciated!!