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I started the depo august 22,2012 I didn't like it because I had a period for 3 weeks and my reg period last for 5 days my next appt for a depo shot was 11-22-12 but I didn't go because every since then I still was having a period for 3 weeks every month and to this very day I'm still bleeding now this month I been on my period for 30 days. Can u please tell me what's going on with me??? this have been going on since I took the depo that one time please help me.


Hi I am 50 and believe I am going thru perimenopause - however my period seems to have 'reversed'...  It first started with irregular periods last year.  Looking back, it slowly progressed to longer days of bleeding and spotting before and after my expected period.  I had the Mirena inserted last year, but after a few months this literally flushed out when I had my very first big bleed - clots included. 

So I have tried the Depo ... it seemed to have settled things down a little but with a spot everyday - this is my second injection and it seems to have gotten worse.  I feel like I'm spotting or bleeding and then every month (almost like a cycle) I'll have a big bleed (clots included).

I have had the usual check up and tests - I understand I have acouple of small fybroids/polyps and something about the endemetrium - but the doc and I are both on the belief that if we can hold off having a hysterectomy then... but how long do we have to suffer like this for?

Are there any other solutions?

I'd be interested to hear if you have had any success with other alternatives