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Ok heres the deal. I have been ttc for about 10 months. MY last form of BC expired at the end of october and it was Depo. I was on it for a full year, four shots. DH and I decided to try for #2. So I know I can get pregnant, its jsut a matter of when. So I was told that when on Depo my period would stop eventually after the second or third shot when I rcieved my fourth shot it hdn't stopped (Thank god). So the weeks after depo my bleeding got heavier and I bled for months at a time. The beginning of the month being break throug bleeding the middle of the month being heavier break through bleeding and at teh end of the month I was bleeding like a heavy period with the clots that come with your period. Needless to say I needed a Pad in month long.
Obviously my body was trying to get back to normal from day one. 3 -4 months after my last shot was due I was finally able to get a break from my constant bleeding. My new cycle was 3 days in the month free of bleeding on the third day I would spot and then the spotting would turn into bleeding and then the bleeding turned into the dreadful period that usually lasted from one week to one and half weeks sometimes 2. My 8th month off of Depo my period begun to arrive like clock work. 3 days Blood free, spotting, period and then 3 days Blood free again.

This past month the date of my last menstrual cycle ended June9th. The third day came around after my last period and there was no bleedind or spotting, nothing, just discharge. two weeks later, no period just discharge. This entire time my DH and I are TTC every other day sometiems twice in a day. The 20th of this month rolls around and nothing, but little tiny tiny tissue, looking just lik cervical mucus but with a pink tinge to it falls into the toilet, nothing else with it. So now I'm going into my thrid week of no bleeding but I started spotting very light pink, only noticable on TP when I wiped and not even coming close to dirtying my panties. It stopped after one bathroom trip. This morning my spotting returned with more of a browner marron tinge to it. Not bright. S I passed another little itty bity tissue looking CM with a brownish tinge to it.
Its definetly not flowing but I have a pad on for the "spotting" and thats exactly whats on the pad, spotting, spots no bigger than a streek. Not red at all.
Could it be implantation bleeding?
If it isn't implantation bleeding coukld this mean that my body is FINALLY returning back to normal from the crappy Depo??? If so, that would mean that this is the onset of my period and that means that I have a 28 day cycle assuming that the menses stops between the 7th-8th of JUly?

Please any advice would hep or words of wisdom.


I am experiencing the EXACT same thing. Normal cycle is 30-31 days long. Day 32 I had barely pinkish creamy CM off an on (only on TP), today Day 33 it had a more brownish tinge, a couple times reddish, then back to pinkish with a little tiny tissue-like clump. Nothing on pantyliner, only on TP, and only sometimes. This is unusual- usually my period starts and progresses quickly to medium/very heavy flow

Interested to know what you ended up finding out. ?


Hi, I want to know how can I get my period to be the same length every month? I want to get pregnant but no success for a year now. please help!!