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Im a 16 year old High School student, and I've been in a 2 year relationship with a 20 year old. We have been having unprotected sex for just as long. We hve not yet gotten pregnant & for the longest I thought something was wrong with me. It's not that I want to get pregnant but there isn't anything wrong with it. One day last week, I felt that my cervix(the little ball right)was very low. It also had white "stuff" coming from it that gets on my hands. Then I read on here that it could be that I'm ovulating! So, 1, am I ovulating, How long will I ovulate, & is it easier to get pregnant this way?


MOST women, on average, ovulate around 14 days before their period starts, ovulating is the release of an egg from the ovaries, it is the most fertile time of the month.

(day 1 is the first day of the period.)

BECAUSE you are only 16 years old, your menstrual cycles are still probably a little unreliable or irregular. you will most probably not be able to accurately predict ovulation at your age, because it varies every month for younger girls.

(please note: this is the average, it is MORE THAN LIKELY that you are not the average. not every woman has a 28 day cycle! not every woman ovulates on day 14! its JUST A ROUGH AVERAGE.

if you want to know when you are ovulating you should monitor it medically, by recording your Basal Body temperature etc.)