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I recommend all girls check this to calculate:

I had unprotected sex on night of 13th Feb going into Valentines Day, my first day of my last period was Tuesday 6th February. My period from January to February was 31 days apart.

When i said my cycle was at minimum 28 days long, it said i could get pregnant from Saturday, February 17, 2007 to Thursday, February 22, 2007.

Would the sperm have lived that long inside me from 13th??


first off: that site works by ASSUMING you have a luteal phase of 14 days. which not every woman has!

it is supposed to be used as a rough estimate, NOT for calculating when you are going to ovulate. you CERTAINLY shouldn't use it as a natural birth control or to try and avoid pregnancy/aid conception.

Women who are serious with tracking ovulation use tested MEDICAL methods such as basal body tempurature or cervical mucus, (or ovulation kits).
Just assuming "hmm well I think I ovulate about 14 days before my period" is UNRELIABLE!!!! as I am sure you will understand!

so although it is a handy site, I seriously reccomend girls don't RELY on it to risk pregnancy or calculate their chances, if they want to monitor their ovulation do it properly!!!!

secondly: in answer to your question sperm can live inside the female body for up to a week, waiting for an egg to be released.

if you had unprotected sex on the 13th/14th of february, technically, you could conceive any time up to 5-7 days later.

what you SHOULD do is:

if you DON'T want to get pregnant take the morning after pill! you can take it up to 72 hours after sex (3 days!) to prevent a pregnancy from occuring, available from most pharmacies and doctors offices.

if you WANT to get pregnant, get an ovulation kit and have sex closer to your ovulation date.

anyhoo, sorry for the lecture.


that was most helpful :-D

i think if i am NOT pregnant, i will be more careful in the future and use condoms ALWAYS unless planning a baby and then i will buy the ovulation kit as you suggested.

Even if it is a special occasion such as valentines day, better not to get carried away with no protection.

Best wishes