I'm 26, usually i have irregular mense. it could just be early by max a week or late max a week. I haven't been talking to my bf for a mth. i had my pregnancy check last mth before we stopped talking and it was negative. However, we had sex 4 days ago, and 2 days later i thought i'm going to have my mense, because i had slight spotting. (just like the beginning of mense, when a panty liner could still holds.) Until today, i'm still using a panty liner and every end of the day it was just a drop or 2 on the panty liner, and it's brown discharge. however, my mense should  be due by now. Therefore, i'm confused. Is this my mense or just a discharge? Could i be pregnant?? but, whenever i goes to the toilet, i wipe it with tissues, sometimes, it'll have dark red-brown blood, but most of the time is brown. I feel sleepy everyday. i used to sleep at wee hours or even morning 7am. now my eyes will start to shut by 11pm.. and i couldn't hold it later than 1am. i do not have breast sore. but i feel hungry all the time. In the past, i can just sustain with 1 meal a day. now, i start to feel hungry soon after i have eaten. Please help!!