I need help... I had my period last month July 23rd- 27th. August 15 I started spotting I thought my period is coming but it stop then when I go wee when I wiped it there's a blood. I took pregnancy test twice but came out negative. I was still spotting on and off till the august 19. I went to the doctor and took another test there and still it said negative. He told me to wait two weeks. August 27 I had a dried brown blood in my panty liner and I had so much cramps, the next day it stopped but I was still having cramps called the doctor but the doctor just told me that my period probably starting and just take ibuprofen for cramping. 2 days before I started spotting again I took another test and still negative, till now I'm still having light period. I don't know what is this.. Am I pregnant? Me and my boyfriend have always unprotected during sex. But I'm confused of this spotting and cramping I'm having.. Can someone help me? Thanks!