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-My period started on 2/3
-officially ended (as in no more blood) on 2/13.
-next period is expected to start 3/3-5, so as of today I'm on week 3 of my cycle
-My periods are normally very VERY heavy, a deep red with blood clots
-have been having thin clear discharge for over a month

The day after my period ended (10 days ago), I fooled around with a guy there was no penetration, but I might have come into contact with some pre-ejaculation. I didn't feel like I ovulated until yesterday (I had backache and I think some minor cramps), and my period isnt supposed to come on until a exactly week from today.

3 days ago I woke up, stood up and felt what seemed to be my period starting- upon inspection I saw that my underwear had a very large (bigger than a half dollar) circle of red (fresh?) blood, with the border being surrounded by a clear wetness that soaked through my panties. An hour or so later I started bleeding a dark brown blood; I discovered some blood clots in my vagina (that were going to be expelled) & more 'blood', which was very thick & mixed with mucus (?) and was a faded, lighter shade of the dark brown. It started in the morning and ended at night, and repeated for 2, 3 days. After the first day, ALL of the blood was dark DARK brown, it was mixed with mucus, none of it was red, and I was still expelling blood clots. It only very faintly smelled like blood.

I keep hearing about spotting, but what I was going through was heavier than "a few spots on underwear/can be easily wiped off with tissue". The first day it felt like a "splat" like a ball of liquid burst right in the entrance of my vagina onto my panties, then the next few days were just deep-dark brown blood with the clots in it. I had to wear a pad, NOT a panty liner. Normally I have to wear regular strength to heavy pads when I'm on my period.

Today, 4 days later, it seems to have stopped, but this is my first time experiencing this EVER, and I'm faintly worried that there's a 1% chance I'm pregnant. It could also be stress, or uterine fibroids, seeing as my mother had/has them as well. Maybe it's breakthrough bleeding?

Please help?


It sounds to me like you experience have a miscarriage. I once experience something like that at seven weeks pregnancy.