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If I could please have some advice.

I have stopped taking my pill, had a normal period it started on the 6th Feb and finished around the 12th. My partner and I had some ah unprotected fun day 10 - 11 of my cycle. Have never experienced such heavy discharge(sorry too much info i know) a couple days after we had sex. Im not sure when i actually ovulate, and it only lasted barely 2 days.On day 15 i experienced brown discharge(enough for a panty liner) and it has continued but easing up. As ive always been on the pill and with a regular 26-28 day cycle havnt really worried too much about my cycle. NOt usually one to jump the gun but have als been having lower abdominal pains, nothing to major just pulling and twinge feelings for the last few days, very bloated sensitive chest and a constant feeling of indigestion. Is it possible im pregnant or just my hormones reacting to being off the pill?

look forward to all the advice :)


Your symptoms could be from either getting off the pill or pregnancy. You ovulate around two weeks after the first day of your menstrual cycle give or take a day depending on your body. Sperm can live inside of you up to three days on average. Wait until your supposed to get your period and if it is late by a few days take a pregnancy test. If negative and still no period for over a week late retest. If still negative and no period make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood pregnancy test taken.