I just started taking cymbalta about 2 wks. ago. The other day, I experienced a brief black out (approx. 10 min.) I knew enough to call my neighbor and she came over immediately. I kne her fac but did not know where she lived. I was confused upon coming out of my balckout. I had no recollection of memory calling her other than I was aware that something was not right in my brain.

I went to the ER had a brain scan which was normal.

I saw my private internist 2 days later and she said, that Cymbalta has been known to cause "confusion". Is a blackout included with this confusion in what happened in my case. I tried to take cymbata about 9 mo. ago and was on it for about 3 months. I never experienced this before. My only problem then was "too much sweating" of which I decided to stop the drug.

I wanted to try it again but now I'm fearful because of the blackout.

Can you give me any information regarding my experience and the fact that my Dr. said "it was the Cymbalta". I'm 61 yrs. of age. The only blackout I've ever had was when I use to drink alcohol over 24 yrs. ago.