After much research, I feel there is valid concern with Cymbalta (SSNRI's) and miscarriages. Clearly, everyone has a fertility story outside of Cymbalta- maternal age, genetics, lifestyle, other fertility issues- and that has to be accounted for. I'm also very confident there are MANY stories of women who have been on Cymbalta and had healthy babies, but they aren't reading this site. (What would prompt them to ever search for "Cymbalta and miscarriages" on the web?). However, I don't think sharing is 'scaring people' but rather giving them the necessary information they need when making a choice for themselves. And, if not by my story, then read the article and recent information from the Canadian Medical Association Journal study released May 31.

I found out I was pregnant at 4 1/2 weeks. At the advice of my psychiatrist, I dropped from 40 to 20 mg daily (low dose already), and took 20 mg for three days and stopped. I had some withdrawal symptoms so clearly even a low dose still effected my body. Exactly one week later I started bleeding and three days later I had a complete miscarriage. If I could go back in time before pregnancy, I would've completely gone off the medicine. And, if I could go back to the day I learned I was pregnant, I would've continued the Cymbalta until I was past first trimester. Everything you read will tell you to 'detox' as the baby is developing, but what about any shock you put on your body by removing this drug from your system?

Certainly there could've been other factors at play and given everyone has a 20%+ chance of a miscarriage, I will never know for certain. I do however, know without a doubt, that after researching the web and these antidepressants, I have more of a reason then ever to stay off Cymbalta. And, aside from planning a pregnancy, this drug has very serious withdrawal symptoms that everyone needs to be made aware of.

Check this article out.

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