I got the depo shot a couple months ago, it was my first time trying anything other than condoms ... It was fine until the time I was due for my period, I would be in so much pain, so bad sometimes that I could walk or even breath properly. I stopped using depo after my first shot due to the severity of pain it was causing me. It's been 7-8 months now and I'm still getting pains it's not that severe except for around the time of my period. It really feels like gas and pressure. I do hear noises in my stomach/intestines and can feel movement (like gas moving through) and I do pass gas which does cause the pain to subside a bit but not go away completely. About a week ago I go implanon (the rod) put in the first day was fine but then I woke up the next day and had really really horrible diarrhea and vomiting ... The next day was fine except for the fact that I was so tired and felt really sick. After 2 day I started feeling the same feeling of when I had depo but ten times worse, it's been four days now I can't pass bowels because I'm unbelievably constipated, I do smoke ciggarettes which could be some of the cause but I can't even stand up, from when I wake up to go to sleep I feel this pain. I have tried to pass gas but I can't I can feel it build up but I just can't push any gas out, I have gone to see my G.P but he didn't tell me anything and told me not to worry please help me thank you!