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"When can you have sex after having an abortion when given Depo Provera shot during the follow up appointment?"

So recently last month, May 23rd I had a medical abortion done at the ob/gyn clinic. They gave me 3 pills of mifeprex for the first appointment due to my medical abortion. Then on May 25th, the day of my appointment, they gave me 2 misoprostol. (I did pass lots of clots and had cramping during those days, so they should be working). Then today 6/6/12 was my follow-up appointment to see if the procedure was successful. Luckily it was, and I was relief. After finding out I was fine, they asked my choice of birth control contraceptives. I went for the Depo Provera shot, because when I was on it a year ago, it worked 100% for me. So I know I should be okay and safe. But since this is different after experiencing a medical abortion, I was wondering when is the best time to have intercourse again? I know I'm a smart women, but sometimes there is mishaps and I won't let that happen again. My question and concern is when will the Depo Provera settle after having an abortion? When is the best time to have intercourse after receiving the Depo shots today? I can wait, but I want to know sooner if anyone could help out. Or anyone who can relate, that would help! ---- Thanks.


Wow, her dates are exactly the same as mine.  And I too have been wondering when a good date would be to begin having sex after the depo shot.  When I was given the shot on June 6th I was still bleeding from my procedure.  The bleeding continued for about two weeks after the shot.  It is August 23rd now and I am waiting for my 1st period.  I was better off taking the ring for b/c, because this no period is actually scary.  I have no way of knowing like ok on this day I can, on this day I can't.  If anyone has some advice on mine or the person above I would really like to know.  Thanks