Discussing Cytolin as a cure for AIDS – Most of the ‘highly effective’ antiretroviral, used to get rid of HIV, are usually ‘highly expensive’ as well. They ‘gift’ a large number of side effects to their users. In some cases, instead of the HIV virus being depleted, it becomes resistant to the drug and starts feeding on it.

For this reason it would be useful to have a medicine or a group of medicines which the virus does not get resistant to, which are not too expensive and which would help calm down the virus a little.

in its article ‘fixing the body – an immune based approach to HIV’ discussed Cytolin as a breakthrough in medical science. It lives up to all the criterion of an effective AIDS/HIV drug: affordable, non-resistant to the virus and without any side effects.

Currently, Cytolin is being developed by a west coast company called CytoDyn and is being studied by Eric Rosenberg, M.D. who is a scientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and we are hoping that within a year we can get effective insight on Cytolin and HIV cure.

Feel free to provide your views and ideas.

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