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can you catch aids if you have sex on your period unprotectively?


Yes, you can and you are even more susceptible to contracting HIV and any other STD when menstruating. So, if you are having sex during your period with someone who is not your partners and whose sexual health you are not aware of, it is a must that you use a condom.

Just like semen and vaginal fluids, menstrual blood also contains the HIV virus and you are more likely to spread it as well as to receive it. The same goes for Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea as well as for any other sexually transmitted disease.

If a woman for example has herpes, she is more likely to experience an outbreak while menstruating. This way it is easier for her to pass the virus to a sexual partner.

So, avoiding sex during period would be the best solution but if that is kind of impossible then make sure you have protection. Condoms are the only STD protection available so far.