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i've been on birth control for a year and 5 months. its depo provera (injection) so i dont get my period at all.

recently i did some mild fooling aorund but i had just underwear on and he had boxers on. he didnt ejaculate at all but there may have been pre cum. he rubbed against me quite a bit. im just wondering even though im on birth control, and he didnt ejaculate, should i worry about being pregnant? i am an irrational worrier so any response that could put my mind at ease would be appreciated.


Ya, i gotta say, you are irrational. You are on bc, he did not cum, so do we get a baby here???
Remember the days of learning about the reproductive system in school, basically sex talk 101. Where all the boys would laugh and all the girls would just about die in their seats.
No, i would say your not pregnant.