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ive been on the depo shot for about 2 months now.
about 2 weeks ago i started bleeding, like my period.
then about 4 days ago i woke up to blood clots in my pad..
and ive been havin -unprotective sex- .
i got my 1st depo shot right after i had my baby, who is verry handsome at 5 in a half months.
then jan. 7 was my last day to get my 2 depo shot but i didnt until febuary something ,
sorry i dont remember the date.
im due for another depo shot soon. next month.

i have been gettin sharp pains in my lower abdamon.
for about as long as ive had my 2nd shot.
now ive stopped bleeding.
and im not really having pains any more
well ever since this morning.

so saturday night i took a clearblue pregnancy test and it came back positive,
one line was verry dark and the other was verry very light , like i could barelly see it . but
it was there.

so the next day i ewnt to the hospital and the doctor gave me a pee test
it came back negative
so they did blood work \
and that came back negative.

if im on the depo shot could it be that because
i am on it
it wouldnt show up in bloodwork
pee test
that im not pregnant
if i actually was?

~please help me out here~
i also would like to mention with my first pregnancy i
never had no symptoms of being pregnant
except the fact my belly got bigger.

thanks .


Hi Brandy! I will help you I just need to clarify something here OK?

1. You had a depo shot in October, but didn't have one till Feb?!!
2, You had the 2nd shot in Feb and at the end of the month you started bleeding - regular period
3. Now you have clots?

As you are aware, the depo shot HAS to be taken on time, as this increases your chances of becoming pregnant! Also most women do NOT get a period at all because of the shot! What worries me is this, that you were indeed pregnant and then miscarried - due to the clots, then your test showed a faint positive then the next day negative! IF you have a misscarriage you HCG levels will decrease! So you MIGHT just have been pregnant but that is a HUGE might! As the Depo doesn't totally wear off, but because of that month delay there is still a possibility!

The depo shot would not stop the pregnancy, it just stops you ovulating! And the shot works immediately! Depending on when you had sex and IF you conceived it usually requires close to 21 days for a REALLY good reading, so lets see for another few days, then take another test! Please let me know how you make out! Good luck and health!


~ok now ive seen how misscareages happen,
it was awful my older sister had one.
but anyways ,
yes i got a depo shot right after i had my first child.
i got it october 8th. i had my son october 6 2009.
then i was due for another shot in january 7th.
~i never got one~
until sometime in february.
yes i bleed but not like my sister did.
and i had bloodclots 2 times in my pads.
one one morning when i woke up and another
not the next day but the day after
which was yesterday. but the clots were really tiny
both times
and now today
ive stopped bleeding and everythang..
even the pain is almost gone..
i havnt had it much today.
and i am not bleeding anymore.

i got another clearblue pregnancy test today..
but i dont no when to take it
since ive just stopped bleeding today , ya no.

so when do you think i should take the test..?

thanks so much ~babmi27~


Take it with your first urine Friday or Saturday! This should be enough time for you to tell!


~but what if im still bleeding???

~because ive stopped for almost a whole day.
and then started back.

~im also havin cramps still but not as bad, what could this be.

~but when i use the bathroom i feel a little better, what does this mean?

~i took a test last night there was only one line!

~but the day i stopped bleeding me and my boyfriend had sex that morning.

~which was yesterday..

~i have gas and bloating..

~and as i said when i use the bathroom i feel a little better.

~and now im really tired..

~i wonder if im really pregnant?

~or if something else could be wrong with me..?!

~~~~please help~~~~~


Did you start bleeding again right after sex? Also the BIGGEST indicator of pregnancy is VERY sore breasts, darkening of the aerolas, sore back, stomach and hips, and slight nausea!

IF you keep bleeding I want you to go to the doctors, this isn't normal! You could be having a slow miscarriage, thus the different lines etc. Wait a few more days to take another test - bleeding or not OK! I would really like you to find out if you are or WERE pregnant and then have the doctor do a pelvic exam, ultrasound etc. Did you have unprotected sex again when you mentioned that you had sex when you stopped bleeding?


well yes i did , my boyfriend doesnt like to use condems..

and my breast are already dark from my first child..

im having bad headaches..

and my stomach pains are not as bad as they were before i stopped
bleeding , then i started again..

but the pains are still not that bad...

my doctor wont tell me anything..

she wont call me back on my catscan....


my ultrasound

i took right after i got on the shot

- now the ultrasound guy asked me if i had an iud or something like that-

i asked my grandma and she said if you on any birth control

but anyways i asked him what he meant and he said well if you dont no then you aint got one....?!

does this mean i could of been pregnant ?

i mean ultrasoundist are not alloud to tell you if your pregnant, they say its against the law..?!?

but what if i was and nobody is telling me.

i done a pee test before i got the shot , a day before..

it came back negative..?

so they gave the shot right after that..

they didnt do a bloodwork test because they said

i was there last patient.. and they didnt have time

so the next day they gave me an ultrasound and thats when the guy asked me if i had an


or as my grandma puts it

birth control....?

do you think i may be pregnant or i was pregnant

and since the doctor screwed up they aint telling me anything?....

please help me out here!!!!! thanks so much !!!!!


When did they do all these tests, when you first had the shot or in Febuary? IF you are pregnant this would have happened in the month that you were supposed to get the shot! and depending on the days of unprotected sex, it could have been anytime so before I go off on a thought about what this guy - about the IUD was refering to - I want to know when they ran all of these tests?

Aslo an IUD is a copper or plastic piece , and they insert it into your uterus! it looks like a big T and it is used for Contraception, you HAVE to have it removed if you are trying to have a child - as it is inside he uterus!


They gave me an ultrasound the day after i got the shot


the did the catscan a week ago

they only done a catscan because they couldnt tell me what wrong with me

and they still havnt told me anything

i am goin to try and find a new doctor around here

hopefully i can

i just want to now whats wrong with me ! and if it could be serious!!!!!!1


RU sure it was a Cat Scan or was it an ultrasound?! Usually - when it is to do with the ovaries/pregnancy they will use ultrasound! IF it was indeed a CT scan - a BIG circular machine, that is like having an xrary it isn't a tube like an MRI! but similar! A CT is for other things, and for a doctor to order one and no one telling you why is VERY unusual! I can see that for an ultrasound, but not for a CT!


Also I forgot to metion why I was concerned about him say about if you had an IUD! I am worried that they saw a blip such as an embryo and he thought it was an IUD!


i had both

the ultrasound first..

the ultrasound was taken the day after i got the depo shot..

and the ultrasound person asked me if i had an iud..?

i dint understand what he meant..

but thanxx to my grandma i do now..

and the day i got my shot i had unprotected sex

this means the same day i got the shot a few hours later i had unprotected sex!!

and i didnt have my shot on time i was about a month late for it

and it was just my 2nd shot

the shot i got now is just my 2nd

but i will never get another one !!!

that is because my boy friend

does not like using condems.....

and i had a catscan done a couple weeks ago

and now that i think back on it

i started bleeding clots 2 days after i got the CT ( cat scan )

do you think its something serious , or could i be pregnant and it not showing up anywhere

because im to early to tell

and plus i had my first child which is almost 6 months old..

could what im feeling be my stomach gettin back to narmal ?

or more serious????

~Please help me out here~


oh and another question ?

im still on my period and for the last couple days

whenever i change my pad

there is a sweet sweet smell

like my blood smells sweet???

is this normal?

and if it was an embryo

could a CT kill it?


Regardless of what or why they gave you a CT scan I want you to either go back to your doctor and DEMAND to know why you are still bleeding! Did you have unprotected sex in the month where you didn't have the shot? CT Scans have HUGE amounts of radiation - more than an Xray - so I am VERY concerned about 1. WHY they gave you one, 2. If this caused a loss - thus the clots! So they NVER mentioned why you had to have a CT scan? You are in control here honey! This is YOUR health, they cannot NOT release information! So please get int there OR go to a walk in clinic or even the hospital! I REALLY don't like you still bleeding! Depo CAN do this but it is usually the opposite! I want you to get to the bottom of this OK? And please let me know how you make out! Fingers crossed!


ok thank you so much ! tomarrow is Friday so i am goin to get up first thing and call her.

my doctor that is

and tell her i need to see her today..

which she is rude !

but ima see what i can do tomarrow..

but she is the one who aint telling me anything..??!!

so and what if i was pregnant and she did not no how to read the ultrasound??

and gave me a CT anyway , ya no if i find out i was pregnant

and she wasnt telling me because she messed up ima sue her

can i do that

because thats not right is it?

i mean what if it could of been 'my baby'

that she killed???????????????????????? :$

by making me do all this ..?

crossing my fingers , hopefully its nothing bad!!!!

thanks so much BAMBI27 (: :-D