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My boyfriend and i have both been tested and are clear of any STDs so and we promised to be faithful to eachother (so far so good). Therefore we choose not to use condoms. Also i am on birth control (Monthly Everyday pill). However i recently had surgery and i was on antibiotics which in turn reduces the affectiveness of the pill. During this time my boyfriend admitts to having ejaculated inside of me (supposedly out of his own control). Now im wondering if i could be pregnant?

My last period was the last week of september approx. the 22nd and my surgery was on october 2nd. My boyfriend admitts to the incident taking place the week after my surgery although he was unable to pin point an exact date. My assumption is that the premature ejaculation occured somewhere between the 4th of october and the 12th. Now i am just wondering how possible the chance of me being pregnant is?

Please help any answer that u can provide to me is valuable

Thanks so much


I'm not sure what to say here.
You two have worked out your plan to have you on the pill, yet when it comes to be most concerned about pregnancy, you DON'T use a condom....

It seems that your bf not only climaxed inside you, but then failed to tell you about it until later?

The probability of your being pregnant is small, if you've been on the pill regularly... however, since you are AWARE of the impact of anti-biotics on the effectiveness of the pill, I don't understand why you still proceded with unprotected intercourse.

Perhaps a more experienced woman will be able to answer your question.
I hope for your sake that you're not PG, but I think you need to sit down with your BF and go over your agreement and rules regarding when and IF you will have sex.

PS: I had to smile when you referred to this as "Premature ejaculation", as that term is normally used for another condition...not when your BF gets too excited and comes within you, where most men WANT to climax. It is NOT unusual for men to climax before they wish to when he has unprotected sex (does not use a condom. )


thank you for your response and as i respect your opinion i would like to go on to say that im not scared that i may be pregnant but more concerned to know. So i can then take the proper precautions to have a healthy pregnancy.

yes i am on the birth control pill and i do take it regularly everyday but i take it for cramps because my periods have always been heavy and painful without birthcontrol also it helps to regulate my cylce.

And as far as my boyfriend not telling me till later he didnt think hed done anything terribly wrong...i jokingly called him a premature ejaculator (laugh out loud) and he replied no im not ive only done that once or twice before...i then asked when and he told me. And although I know that antibiotics can effect birthcontrol he may not (that fault is on my part). I dont think he intentionally came inside of me it was an accident and i just need to kno how possible it could be that i am pregnant even though i take the pill regularly.

thank you for your response maybe my reply will help you to understand my situation a lil better


Oh, I see now.
Thank you for clarifying.
I guess I misunderstood your position. :$

It does sound that you're being very responsible... in your choices and attitude.
Perhaps another female moderator with more experience in this area will weigh in.

(...hope i didn't sound too judgemental. :$ )


no not at all

i mean lets face it, its hard to know something about someone that u sort of "met" on the internet. i appreciate that u took the time out to read my post and reply. Your the only one who has so far.

i have expressed my feelings to my boyfriend and i think that it helped alot to take the stress off my shoulders.

thanks again. if u have any other further information, questions, or opinions dont hesitate to message me back