I NEED TO KNOW! i was messing around yesterday with my boyfriend and we didn't have a condom so i told him i did not want to have sex. He decided, without telling me, that he wanted to put the head of his penis right in the opening of my vagina just to get us aroused. When i realized he did this i told him not to and to take it out that it was not safe and that i'm really not ready to take care of a child both mentally, emotionally and financially. He only did it for about 5-10 seconds before he removed it. He did not cum inside of me or out (obviously because i wouldnt let him stick it in!) I started the Depo-Provera shot when i was 17 or 18 years old (I'm now 24) and stayed on that for about 3-4 years and then got put on "the pill" for 2 years. As of December 3rd i went back on the Depo-Provera--we messed around yesterday--January 6th. Does anyone know if my Depo shot as of now is fully working, its been a month and 3 days since i got it and was wondering if i'm safe from getting pregnant. I know its 99.7% accurate so theres a slim chance of me getting pregnant but didnt know if anyone had any ideas of how safe i really am from getting pregnant with everything i've told you.


Also, if i should be any bit concerned and think i need to take a pregnancy test, which i would love to hear your advice on, how soon could i take it and it be accurate and does being on the depo-provera shot change how fast i can take one?


Anyone who has any knowledge about a similar situation or has some good advice about my situation i would love to hear it! It'd be greatly appreciated, THANKS!