Okay, heres the deal.

I was on birth control pills to regulate my menstruel cycle, reduce cramps and whatnot. I took the pills for two months. A week into the third month I realised i had completly forgotton to take the pills at all, so I skipped that month entirely, and started up again after my next period.
About a week into this, the third month of my taking them, I started to notice that they were giving me really bad yeast infections.
Now on the first two months, towards the last week of the pills they had given me very slight yeast infections, but this time they were unbearable and started right away. So I stopped taking the pills completly.
Well a couple days after I stopped the pill, which would be about a week after my last period, I started bleeding again.
Panic started to flair up of course. Why am I bleeding? Its not time for my period again. Could I be pregnant? Iv read about implantation spotting and all of that.
But heres the thing, Iv never actually had intercourse. I was with a boy about a month ago, and we did get sexual, but it ended in oral and semen was never even remotly near my vagina. Iv never actually had SEX sex, and besides which, this last incidant was well before my last period.

I did read somewhere that an interuption to the menstruel cycle and resulting unbalanced levels of hormones can cause dysfunctional uterin bleeding, could that be what this is because I stopped my pill mid-month??

Is my body just confused because of all the mixed hormonal messages Iv been giving it? Some answers would be great.

I posted about this earlier, when it first started, but since then Iv continued to bleed and even experianced some very light cramping. Please help!