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I've been reading the MANY questions posted here. But I can't figure mine out. I just charted down my last two periods or so. And checked an online ovulation calendar. Plus I'm on birthcontrol (lutera).

Here it goes: The 1st day of my last period was March 28, 2007. Exactly 28 days from my last. The ovulation calendar predicted my ovulation be April 8th-13th. I had sex (without condoms) on April 8th but he didn't ejaculate inside of my vagina, but he was inside of me.. (probably enough to have some pre-cum?) Might be too much information but we finished off anal. (I'm sorry!) A few days later maybe around the 11th or 12th I noticed a little bleeding when I wiped. Didn't think anything really. We had sex again on April 13th. This time he did ejaculate inside of me. I noticed after the sex I was bleeding again. Light blood, not regular period. April 14th I bought pregnancy test. 3 pack CVS brand. Took 1, it was negative. But I was still bleeding during the week. I took another, negative. And another today (April 21st, 2007) still negative. I have felt a little cramping (not like I get when I have a reg period though), a little tired, increased appetite, emotions and when I stand at work my back hurts. Occasionally I feel like my vagina is kinda opening. (Can't describe it, sorry!) and maybe a little frequent peeing.
I can't figure out if this is a very long period that has been thrown off by my birthcontrol. Because I started bleeding when I had a week of active pills to go. It starts on my 3rd or 4th inactive. So it started too soon. I may have taken a pill or two a little late but still took them. The blood is enough where I have to wear a pad (because it will ruin my panties) and see it when I wipe but when I urinate it's not much blood. It's not brown (pink/light red/red) when I wipe and I haven't noticed a discharge really either.

I plan to go to a clinic monday if a doctors appointment can't be scheduled soon enough for me. But I'd like to hear some responses please. And I'm not really trying to concieve (as u see I'm on the pill) but if I am I will love it. Not sure if my boyfriend will be too happy. He has a daughter already from a previous relationship and I'm not too sure how he's gonna take this if I am.


Since you took a few of your bcp later than you usually do, then that can mess up the whole period thing. even if you only take one late it can make you bleed unnormally. But if it stops competely within 3 days and you are still worried if you dont bleed on your normal period day. Wait a week and take a hpt.