So I am 27 years old and have been sexually active since 18. I was on the depo shot for about 5 years, then went off because I wasnt sexually active. Then I got married and went on depo again for about 2 years. Since then I was on and off it 2 times. Each time I was on it I NEVER had a period. The most current time, I got on it 2 months before my wedding and the first 3 months same thing, no period. But the second dose I got I spotted the ENTIRE time. So when the 3 months was up I started taking the pill. This was in April. The first month the spotting got less and less and the second month on the pill I had a normal period, and this month I had a normal period from June 8th -15th. About a week ago my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying for baby so I stopped taking my pills. and now only a week later I am bleeding again. And I shouldnt be having my period for another two weeks!! I have looked into everything and my only conclusion so far is that it is possibly implantation bleeding. I dont need to wear a tampon or anything. It is only when I wipe. But it is bright red and kind of gooey. But I was wondering if maybe it is just because my hormones are probably all screwed up? Or could it really be implantation? Thanks to everyone who answers!