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Hey i need help anyone.
Right I'm 20 and have been very stupid.
Last month and this month i missed a few pills.
When i remembered to take the other pills they were always late.
Like hours and hours late.
I had a period few weeks back on my 7 day break but then i got this really strong heavy bleeding Saturday which i had to go for hospital for.
Iv been having unprotected sex with my Fiance. I was on the Depo needle last year till November.
Well since saturday iv been none stop eating.
I mean eating like a pig to the stage id eat meal after meal and still feel so hungry itll give me pains. Iv also stopped bleeding now due to the docter giving me these Tablets. They done a pregnancy text Saturday which came back Negative.
Im feeling tired all the time.. I get moody over the simplest things its driving me crazy. I'm weeing so much yet hardly drinking, Keep getting pains in my boobs and below my belly button on the right side? Also been getting slight headaches where my eyes go really funny i cant concentrate when it happens
Does anyone have a clue?
Shall i take another test or would it of shown Saturday
Last time i had unprotected sex was Friday (before the day i started bleeding bad)

Thanks to anyone that helps



Hello there Racheal

Which form of Bc pills are you on?

I think with the missed pills and taking them late you have a hormonal imbalance, Have you mentioned this to your doctor about taking them hours apart usually if you miss a pill you can take in the 12 hours from the time you have taken the last pill,
My advise is to talk to your health care provider about these pills that you have missed and taken them hours on hours later and with your bleeding you have.

I had the same sort of thing but i didn't miss any of my Bc pills i had endless bleeding during the month and the needed to change my bc pills once i had regulated my period which meant i had to come off my b.c pills for 2-3 months and have protected sex which meant i could not have the skin on skin contact (which i do prefer) other words unprotected sex
untill i had bleeding once a month and then went on to a different Bc pill

Sign of hormonal imblance are

Changes in menstruation
Basal body temperature
Oily skin
Excessive hair growth
Allergy symptoms
Low sex drive
Weight gain
Water retention
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Urinary tract infections (UTI’s)

Different women will have different symptoms of hormone imbalance or symptoms female hormone imbalance, singly or in combination. Review more information about hormone imbalance, fluctuations in hormone levels and estrogen

Hope this has helped you out


I was on Cliest.
There's nothing in that list i have i mean even though im eating so much im lossing weight aswell,
Your reply has helped me alot will do some search on it.
To start my period started a creamy brown colour which i found really weird the next day all just flooded out.
I just know deep down somethings wrong,
Im going for a smear Tuesday and im terrified.
Im getting some pregnancy symtoms I'm so confused.
Iv never had this feeling in myself before