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I had unprotected sex 1 week ago, i have irregular periods so i didn't know i was going to start the next day but the weird thing is is that this period started out kinda heavy then it got lighter like a pink color and now it's brown.. Also with that i have been having headaches, my stomach hurts (in the middle, and left mostly in the lower tho) i have been getting irritated SO much easier, my boobs feel heavier and they can barely even fit in my bra, and sometimes they can be painful i am sleepy all the time, some food i use to want like a salad i don't want anymore


It's really too early to tell if you are or not. I worked out I was pregnant when I was 6weeks along. In the first week you haven't even properly conceived.. unless you had unprotected sex before that... maybe a month or so ago.

I felt different when I was trying to work out how late exactly I was. I was overly tired, my body felt different, I was reacting to different smells differently, I was super moody. 
I would say, wait 4 weeks then take a pregnancy test. Then go on from there.