When a man does not deal with types of drugs 'nitrates' nitrate extended to the arteries of the heart, the doctors should never hesitate to describe drugs Viagra or one of her sisters, such as Levitra or Cialis, for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction disorders erectile dysfunction.


This highlights of the new medical guidelines for the American College, and on the clinical use of drugs «inhibitors phosphodiesterase  inhibitor drugs, which include Viagra, Viagra, and Cialis Cialis, and  Levitra.

They instructions that long-awaited in the medical community, due to the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, frequent conversations in the scientific community and others around the use of drugs processed. Responded new guidelines for questions relating to three key aspects regarding the use of three types famous for drugs stimulate erections that are taken by mouth. Namely:

1. The quality and level of medical response with a person's desire to get drug treatment for erectile disorder has.

2. Criteria for the selection of a three types of drugs available in pharmacies, to address the problem can reduce their impact on a man's sexual performance.

3. Benefit analyzes of hormones for men who complain of erectile dysfunction, and the role of hormonal therapy in putting an end to the suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Global problem

And know the medical community «erectile dysfunction» (Erectile dysfunction (ED), or what is known as «erectile dysfunction», that «the continued inability to achieve an erection User, or does not continue to maintain an erection of the penis, enough to achieve the performance sexy patients him ». presence this problem in men for three months or more, is reason enough to think about the request medical evaluation and treatment. considers the problem of erectile dysfunction a common problems in sexual functioning for men, and you can get in all groups ages men, both among young people or applicants age.

Especially among men who lead their life, or who have diabetes, or high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, or disease in the arteries of the heart or other parts of the body, or who have disorders in mental status, or have weak production of male hormones nationality. More importantly, as well as taking medications to treat health conditions of their side effects impaired ability to achieve as much as a disease of erectile dysfunction. As a result of various factors, save and efficiency of medical services in the treatment of many diseases and stop the consequences, there is an increase in the global community to the number of men age applicants. However also increased prevalence of diabetes and coronary heart disease, there is increasing global erectile dysfunction injuries.

The initial statistics in 1995 says that there are more than 152 million people with erectile dysfunction. Medical sources and expects to exceed the number 322 million man with this problem by the year 2025. However, many of the World Medical sources doubt that these are the actual figures, and says that the magnitude of the problem was far greater. So confirm the American Medical bodies that exceed the physical cost of treating all cases of erectile dysfunction in the United States alone only $ 15 billion, and that if it were fact monitor and detect and treat all cases of erectile dysfunction.

Research and review articles

And according to what will be in the next issue of the magazine «Blogs Internal Medicine American», the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine have developed these new guidelines to provide physicians and the general public the results of analysis of medical studies and practical information available to date, on the use of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction in men. As well as review the information on the extent to which the feasibility analyzes of hormones, both testosterone masculinity sexual hormone testosterone or prolactin prolactin secretion of breast milk. As well as the use of male hormones citizenship to deal with cases of erectile dysfunction. It is known that testosterone deficiency or increased hormone prolactin, possible reasons for the weakness in erection.

The Scientific Committee American College of Physicians Internal Medicine, has taken up the study of six types of medicines. Five of which belong to the group drugs «inhibitors phosphodiesterase for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is these five drugs, three drugs belong to the first category and used today, namely: · sildenafil, known as  Viagra. ·  Vardenafil, known as  Levitra. ·  tadalafil, known as  Cialis. The other two types belong to a new class and is used in the United States only within the scope of scientific experiments or used outside the United States. They are: · Real Estate  mirodenafil. · Property  udenafil known as  Zydena which produced one of the Korean pharmaceutical companies. Add to the sixth drug, a treatment for erectile dysfunction using the male sex hormones hormonal treatment.

The researchers in the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine reviewed all medical studies that have been made about the treatment of erectile dysfunction drugs, during the period between 1966 and 2009. The researchers used in the development of the new guidelines, accurate scientific standards themselves in the classification of the power of scientific evidence and practical applications in the field of clinical patients.Attention and treatment, said the college in the first item of guidance: advises the American College of internists pan doctors to begin using drugs «inhibitors phosphodiesterase - Destrez» to address the men who seek treatment for the problem of erectile dysfunction have, and who have no contraindications to the use of these kinds of medicines.

The college said that this item has a strong degree of advice to follow it and there is a high quality of scientific evidence that supports this therapeutic approach. This classification is for this item strong support to give the doctor convenience in treatment, and give the patient the freedom and wide to seek aid and medical treatment to the case of erectile dysfunction has. The fact that the General Medical trend today is toward publicly urged the men not to hide the complaint of erectile dysfunction, and talk about it with your doctor immediately, and start addressing this problem. There are a number of reasons behind this high medical attention the existence of the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. Them that the presence of this problem may be a warning sign of a problem in other arteries of the body, other than those that supply the penis.It is known that the success to get an erection, and maintaining it throughout the process of citizenship at the time moderate, depends to a significant extent on the safety of the arteries, blood flows through to the penis. And whenever there is any trouble in those arteries, and follow the flow of blood through them, the erection can not be completed normally unusual.

Early warning

Therefore, as previously for the magazine «health» in «Middle East» to talk about, the medical sources Medicine cardiovascular see be on the lookout to examine cardiovascular among those suffering from erectile dysfunction, especially when there are factors the risk of cardiovascular disease in that person complainant erectile disorders. These factors include, age, and the presence of a family history of the injury early cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, smoking, and other factors. There are also several pathological disorders in different parts of the body, accompanied for erectile dysfunction, such as thyroid disorders work and breathing difficulties during deep sleep and others. Therefore, attention complaint erectile dysfunction, may lead to early detection of pathological disorders in vital parts of the body. It is then processed efficiently while useful, far from medical neglect while exacerbating the sick person has problems and the emergence of its implications. In addition to the above, it is not logical to leave the man suffering from this problem with the psychological effects and physical man and his partner and his family and social, while the medical solutions Pharmaceutical available, and quality studied and known effects and side effects, and that doctors can handle, It is also within reach of the wanted solution. This behavior get on your medical asylum Some varieties of non-medical products and non-productive health standards in purity and to ensure feasibility. Not to mention these products might contain material derived directly from animals or other, or do not know what materials the remote effects on men's health.

Choose erectile dysfunction drug

The college said in the second item: advises the American College regarding the selection of the drug among those species, that the basis is the personal preference of the patient in the use of another type without erectile dysfunction treatment has. Which includes ease of use, and cost of material for medicine, and the quality of the side effects caused by eating that kind of medicine. In this item, the total force explicit classified scientific evidence to support this item as low significance, and therefore the strength of weak advice to this item. That leaves automatically greater freedom for doctors to advise patients and other reasons that make them prefer to eat rather than another type of these drugs.

Therefore, doctors should explain to the patient the advantages of each type, and disadvantages, and that aspect of the material cost, and handling times, and duration of the effect, and feasibility of dealing species short-acting and long-acting. And there is, for example, type effect continues for more than two days, and the type of one day. A patient may choose, as a person may not wish to deal with the drug lasts for undesirable in length to stimulate an erection, or that the patient's chances that forced the doctor to be treated with drugs interfere with erectile dysfunction drugs, so the selection of short-acting type best. And other elements that control the quality of the doctor's advice. However, along with the patient's preference, based on several factors, the importance of doctors should not be overlooked.

The most common side effects are headache, runny nose and indigestion. And least prevalent, are disorders of vision, muscle pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness and chest pain. However, the ratio for significant side effects, does not exceed 2%. The scientific evidence is insufficient to determine whether this type of medicines cause of the high incidence of cases «Naaon» NAION vision disorder. There is no scientific evidence can be relied upon in preference for a certain type of drugs Viagra and sisters on the side of the side effects. But the researchers noted that the increased dose of Viagra or Levitra, leads to a moderate increase in the benefit in terms of improved erections. Hormone treatment and examination of the college said in a third item of guidance: American College of Physicians Internal Medicine does not recommend routine procedure is not opposed to hormones in blood tests, and the use of medicines containing sex hormones in the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction. College commented on this item that scientific evidence is not sufficient to determine the interest or damages for this hormone therapy or the feasibility of conducting all patients complainants from erectile dysfunction.

The scientific review of the college may have noticed that there are differences in the results of studies that looked at the prevalence of hormone disorders in people with erectile dysfunction. As well as in the prevalence of hormone disorders among men who do not complain of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the researchers said: the scientific evidence is insufficient to determine whether there is a clear spread of shortages in testosterone hypothyroidism or a rise in the hormone prolactin milk hyperprolactinemia, and among men with erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it was unable to determine the feasibility of an analysis of these hormones, also can not say for sure the futility of it, all men complainants from erectile dysfunction. Which means automatically leave it to the physician regarding the analysis or not, based on several factors related to clinical examination of the patient and other technical matters varies by doctors, and related to the medical level in the expectation and the accuracy of the examination.

The researchers also see the results of the studies that have been on the feasibility of treating erectile dysfunction by testosterone cases of men who have a deficiency in this hormone and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Whether hormone therapy drug across the grain intake by mouth, or by injection into a muscle, or in the form of gelatinous gel or cream or balm patch containing testosterone. Overall, there was no convincing evidence of the usefulness of this therapy in improving the performance of the man of the sexual process, nor in achieving adequate erection. As there were no sufficient scientific evidence to achieve a preponderance of the rotators cuff in balancing the group drugs Viagra and sisters and between hormone therapy. And here is up to the medical evaluation and follow-up over the use hormonal treatment for each case independently.