It has been estimated that 18 million American men are suffer from erectile dysfunction. The problem varies by age, where around 5 % of men aged 20 to 40 are affected and more than 70% of men who are over 70 years old.

The biggest problems experience those men who also suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular problems.
The study involved 2,200 adult men who had problems with erection. The results that came back from the study revealed that most of the erectile dysfunctions could be improved just by making healthy life style changes, adding exercise and healthy nutrition into your daily activities and habits.
Impotence represents a serious problem, both emotional and psychological for men having troubles with it as well as their partners.

Most of the erectile dysfunctions are related to drugs, decreased blood flow, nerve impulse abnormalities or hormonal problems.
By simply increasing physical activity, losing weight, and controlling your cardiovascular disorders, most men should solve their impotence problems.