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Erectile dysfunction is a mentally debilitating disorder that affects about 15-30 million individuals all over the world. Adults between the ages of 40 and 75 years are most commonly affected by this disorder.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Although considered as a disorder of the older ages, all younger men tend to have suffered from this condition at least once in their lifetime. The degree of erectile dysfunction may vary across the individuals and is generally categorized as mild, moderate and severe types of erectile dysfunction based on the severity.

It has been stated that erectile dysfunction is treatable in any age. There are several types of treatments available for the correction of erectile dysfunction. The specific type of treatment is chosen based on the cause of the erectile dysfunction.

The causes of erectile dysfunction have been broadly categorized as physical and psychological causes. Any condition that affects any part of the erection sequence can result in erectile dysfunction. Simply put erection requires proper blood supply and nerve conduction. Physical factors such as injury or disorders and psychological factors such as anxiety or depression may hamper the process of erection.

Home care of erectile dysfunction

This is commonly advised for individuals who suffer from psychological type of erectile dysfunction. It may also be advised in individuals in whom erectile dysfunction may have occurred as a result of smoking or excessive body weight.

Stress, depression, fear and anxiety are few of main psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Proper management of work, adequate rest and discussing openly with the sexual partner is encouraged in individuals suffering psychological type of erectile dysfunction. Relaxation therapies may also help in certain situations.

Adequate exercise, cessation of smoking and reduction in alcohol consumption is advised if these factors are considered to be responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Counseling and medical therapies

Sexual counseling may be advised in individuals who are unable to express their feelings freely. Individual or counseling of the couple and behavior modifications may be advised in the affected individuals.

If the presence of underlying disorders or the consumption of certain medications is thought to be the cause, appropriate measures to treat the underlying disease or change the culprit medication may be advised. Disorders such as diabetes are one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Drug therapy for erectile dysfunction

There are several types of medications available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These medications can be taken orally, injected into the penis or inserted into the tip of the penis to enter the urethra.

The erectile dysfunction medications belong to the group of drugs known as phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. Viagra was the first drug of this group that was approved by the FDA for the use of erectile dysfunction treatment. Other drugs called Levitra and Cialis are now available along with Viagra.

These medications when taken about an hour before the sexual activity enhance the blood flow to the penis and hence result in an erection. The dosage of these medications range from 25-100mg in case of Viagra and is 10mg in case of the other two drugs. The dosage and rug is chosen by the doctor based on your health status and the need for these medications. These drugs should not be taken more than once in a day and individuals with heart disorders and high blood pressure.

Administration of oral testosterone has been advised in a few individuals. However, the use of testosterone is limited due to the fear of liver damage.

Medications such as papaverine hydrochloride and phentolamine have been tried as injectable medications that are injected directly onto the penis. This method has been noted to help men in achieving stronger erections, but is associated with adverse effects such as persistent erections and scarring of skin over the penis.

Alprostadil is another type of drug that is available in small pellet format and is inserted into the urethra through the opening in the penis. Erection is noted to occur with about 10 minutes of insertion the medication and is said to last for about 30-60 minutes. However, it may be associated with adverse effects such as pain in the penis and testicles, burning sensation and minor amount of bleeding from the urethra.

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