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Recent study elaborated that men who smoke have increased risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction and more they smoke, the risk is bigger. Study experimented the relation between cigarettes and erectile dysfunction. Researchers included in the study participants between 35 and 75 years without any vascular disease. Report says that there was a significant relation between number of smoked cigarettes and the possibility of them experiencing erectile dysfunction and according to this study almost 25% of cases of erectile dysfunction was linked to cigarette smoking.

What is special about this study is the fact that it’s the first one to investigate influence of cigarettes on erectile dysfunction among healthy men and not with the one who suffer from hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

This study has a very clear message for young men and claims that if they pay more attention to the fact that smoking can cause their erectile dysfunction large number of them wouldn’t even consider smoking.


Yes actually. Smoking Cigarette affects every organ in body, including penis. Quitting smoking will not only help you regain your erections, but it will clear your lungs and reduce the risk of cancer in many of your organs. You've got to go cold turkey, though. Just stop it, not reduce it gradually.