hi everyone!
About, 2 days ago, i started having a reddish brownish color discharge, only visible when i wipe, ( like when going to the bathroom). I am a little worried that I may be pregnant because I have had unprotected sex since my last menstruation which was July 26th, 2008.. However, the next morning I was relieved to see that it seemed as if i had gotten my period, it was a bit heavier and seemed to be like a normal period... however the cramping was extremely intense and today (2nd day of bleeding) my "period" seems to have stopped completely, only a light pinkish color that is not even visible on my pads, but only shows up when i wipe. Ive had nausea, cramping, dizziness, headaches, breast tenderness, etc. for about 2 weeks now (since ovulation) and am wondering if I am pregnant. any help please?! I should also say that my periods are very regular and I am at a 28 day cycle. My period is due August 24th.. So I was very surprised to see signs of bleeding on the 25th day. Is this implantation bleeding or am I experiencing just a weird period?! Please help, i need some input! feeling a bit freaked out!