"Two" periods ago, I started bleeding on July 23rd/24th, semi normal, light, all psysiological symptoms were normal, but the bleeding ended on the 25th mid-afternoon. (not really even 2 full days of bleeding.) I figured it was because my body knew i was going to be sexually active with my boyfriend whom i was not sexually active with for over 6 weeks adn my hormones were at an unballanced level. I thought perhaps once we had sex, the following day (July 26th) I would begin bleeding again. I did not.
Two weeks later, mid-month, on August 7th I started spotting, brownish in color, very, very light and sometimes during the week it was a normal period color and heavy enoguh to wear a panty liner for an hour or so, but it never made it to period heavy (Every period I have had have all been light bleeding, never heavy, accept for the first day and that isn't even ultra heavy.) I had no regular cramping, just slight discomfort in my lower abdomen area. By late Saturday evening, August 12th, 6 days later, the bleeding finally vanished, however my normal periods only last up to 3 days, rarely as long as 4 days long--they haven't been 5 days long since i was 16, over 12 years ago.
Becuase I thought I had ovulatory spotting, I assumed i would start my "normal period" on August 21st, as that would technically be in line with my last "normal" on-time period. During this time i was also on the lookout for ovulation. I did not notice any normal ovulation symptoms--such as mucos discharge or cramping--which i also presumed may occur, nor did my period start. However I did experience change in mood for a few days, Friday the 18th, the 19th and the 20th. After that I went back to normal, so-to-speak.
Becuase I have not noticed any abnormal body changes I changed my prediction and assumed that i would begin bleeding on September 4th, 28 dyas after the mid-cycle bleeding. (My last three cycles were 28 days. however it is not abnormal for me to begin as early as 27 days or as late as 31 days.) Today is the 30th day and I'm really not feeling any "normal" PMS symptoms, other than moodiness and I feel like I have been bloated for two weeks straight.
I really do not think that I am pregnant, not because I do not want to be, but because I have always been in tune with my body and unless it quit speaking to me at conception, I am wondering what the other possiblitlies are for these symptoms that I have listed above. If i am pregnant, i will find out in about a week when I decide that I am done waiting to find out what bizarre turn my body it taking.
Please tell me there is someone out there that has experienced the same symptoms and can tell me what is going on.
Thank you.