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Unprotected Sex June 25th and 26th. Spotted july 3rd For Half a day. LMP June 13th-18th Period was Suppose to start July 11th but instead its On and off Pink spotting and I can only see it when I wipe myself. What do you think? Oh I am 17 years Old. Im Bisexual So I Told the guy I slept with and he said abortion But My GF Said to keep the baby Because She wants it. Ive Experianced Mild period like cramping Since The day after the 25Th. On and off Breast tenderness, Emotional, peeing alot more. Also thank you all beautiful women for giving me advice :) On and off spotting since the 11th?


Usually implantation bleeding isn't off and on bleeding like that, at least not in my experience.  So you are a couple of days late although you are spotting on and off which is suspicisious, so what I suggest is to get a home pregnancy test and with your first pee of the day (wake up pee) take your first test as this will give you the most accurate result as the HCG pregnancy hormone will be at the highest concentration at this time of day hence the accuracy.  Post back with results, good luck and hope this helps