Hey, okay. So I've been with my boyfriend around 15 months now, I'm a virgin & a big worrier... Around the beginning of the summer holidays, we were fooling around, and he had ejectulated (you could see through his jeans). And he wiped his hand across his jeans, then fingered me... (I'm not sure if he washed his hands once he'd wiped it) then I tossed him off & he ejectulated (later on). I washed my hands afterwards, but later on I went to check if I was on and felt round to check (I worry remember). And well I didn't exactly have a period the month after... (That just went) it was brown stringy discharge. I've never had this before. I have been looking up to much & started believing I'm pregnant... (I actually believe I can see a bump... I know, ridiculous...) But I need some reassurance. Anyone? Please:( x