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My boyfriend and i were fooling around which led to a ha****b. He was kind of 'on top' of me.
I had my pants slightly open but still covering my crotch a little.
We would take turns jacking him off..but sometimes when he wasnt doing anything he'd rub me outside my underwear.
I was wondering if you could get pregnant if he had some precum on his hand, but only touched outside the underwear?
then later he finished off himself. I was laying next to him and my pants were unzipped but mostly up.
When he came some of it hit the back of his hand then he wiped it off. We went to the bathroom later but since he didnt actually go im not sure if he still washed his hands. Then about 20 minutes later he started rubbing me again outside my underwear.
Im not sure if i could get pregnant by this but before i was getting discharge (more than i normally do) and it has now lessened, but my nipples are kind of sore (only if i touch it) but not the rest of my breasts.
im kind of scared, please help?


He only touched outside the underwear?

In 20 minutes the sperm on his hand would likely have dried up.  Once it does, it's not viable.

It is highly unlikely you'll get pregnant.