Back again - I posted 12/21 about how good my surgery went.

The type of procedure was a PPH. I was close on the description. The element I missed however - the hemorrhoids are stapled (to cut off the blood supply) and retracted up into the anal canal where the rectum is sewn to tissue higher in the lower colon (fewer nerve endings) and the hemorrhoids will apparently "die" and fall out in approx. 6 weeks. I found some very good information (and a video - artistic - not actual) on the web.

Today is Wednesday, so I'm 5 days in, a little discomfort (it's not pain - it's the pressure) but this morning I was shocked when I went to the bathroom (had taken some stool softener previous evening with dinner), no problem peeing, and my B.M - quick - no pain or discomfort.

It would seem that the "old school" methods are pretty nasty - and way too painful. The hemorrhoids were so disgusting (and troublesome) - this is soooooo much better.