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I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for several years now and so far I’ve been on fluoxetine (Prozac) and sertraline (Zoloft). Neither of these did much to pull me out of the depression, if anything, I’ve lost 20 pounds on Zoloft which made me almost underweight. After this happened, I took a break from medications, however, my depression is still here and it’s hard to live a normal life.

I’ve been researching online a bit, and since I suffer from insomnia, as well, most people suggest Remeron as it helps with sleep, too. But as far as effectiveness goes, my psych thinks I should try Effexor. Any experiences on which one works better?



it's almost impossible to say upfront will the Remeron or effexor work better for your set of depression symptoms - for example, while I was on Zoloft I gained 15 lbs. We're all just that little bit different.

But that said, it's definitely true that Remeron has a pretty strong sedative effect which would help you with insomnia, and even though it's more of a side effect for most people, in your case this one might actually be desirable one - Remeron also makes you hungrier and a lot of people gain weight on it.