Hi all,
I have been on BC for abt 12 years and i have stopped the pill at the end of december, as it was causing me a lot of health problem, I was on Logynon. I got my period in January and February normally, but suddenly now I am almost 3 weeks over my usual date and still no sign of period. I have done the pregnancy test last week, but it was showing negative, so im not sure what is happening. I have been feeling a bit dizzy, bloated, moody and had a slight feeling of nausea. Also I have put weight since, which i hoped will rather go down than up. I have the little cramps and feeling in my tummy, like i used to have a week beore getting my period, but still nothing? Has anyone experienced anything like that? As im getting a bit worried, i will try the test again and go to see my doctor, but was just wondering, if htere is anyone out there having the same issue?