so to cut a long story short, i had my last normal full period on the second week of february, two weeks later i had one or two days of very light spotting and a tiny bit of dark discharge, but have had no period at all since then, apart from again, a little bit of dark discharge. im on the pill, but had unprotected sex on the 7 day break between pill packs, so im assuming if i have conceived, this would of been when i did, making me 5 weeks pregnant by my calculations. i have been to the doctors and had blood tests done for anemia & other blood related conditions and they also checked for a hormone imbalance but they all came back normal.
i have done two home pregnancy tests in the last 4 weeks, both came back negative, although i havent actually done one in the morning yet with the first urine.

also, i have had most of, if not ALL of the typical pregnancy symptoms and signs,
e.g. tender breasts, my tummy has become slightly more rounded, whereas i usually have a very flat tummy, sometimes very bloated, daily nausea, but not actual vomiting, started getting lower back aches in the last few days, increased fatigue, i could sleep for hours!

could i be pregnant & just be getting a late positive? possibly because of lack of the hcg hormone in my system!

if anyone else is experiencing this or similar, or has been through this then please help!

the doctor has told me to completely come off my pill until i either get a period, or a positive test result!
its so hard just waiting, i want to know!

also whilst taking my pills, i was liable to forgetting one or two a pack, bad i know! but that does increase the chances of getting pregnant, hence the concern!!