Hi there!hoping someone can help me.Im 24 and hav had normal completely regular periods always,however over the past few yrs have had stomach bloating and pain especially abt a week before im due.I had an ultrasound which showed that i hav polycystic ovaries BUT blood test ratio showed technically i dont have pcos eventhough i have the cysts ive no other symptoms except slight acne(really its just spots every now and then on chest and back nothing extreme) The matter was confused further by an MRI brain scan revealing i have a tiny microadenoma on my pituitary gland which could be the cause of hormone inbalance creating the cysts. After seeing a gyno and brain specialist i was told im fine,nothing to worry about,eat healthy, exercise etc. Ive tried to control my swollen belly(am not overweight)by healthy eating&have presumed im ovulating as i get regular periods. i had my last smear abt a yr ago. I recently got married&we both were checkd for stds which were all negative. Since ive started having regular sex -abt a month ago (unprotected)i had a touch of thrush which i thought id cleared up - after that - 5 days before my period was due - i realised at the end of sex - that iwas bleeding as if my period had come - only brown and light like the end of a period,it then went away and reappeared only when pushing it out in toilet that night,the following day it was gone,2 days later it happened again during sex. I had no pain during sex, didnt even feel i was due my period by my body(until istarted bleeding then i felt extreme period pain up until a few days ago),hoped it was implantation bleeding which made sense bcos it was the right amount of days from when ithought i could have conceived. So a few days later my period was due and nothing...now almost 2 weeks later - i woke up yestrday after having sex d night before - to bleed again whilst goin to d toilet,this time its more black and red,thick clotty,not coming from same place as urine - and only coming out when i go toilet...im using pads but theyre basically dry and this is the second day(after feeling pain relief abt 3 days ago the period pain is back). I dont know what to think...what stage of my cycle im in,if im pregnant,menstruating,having a miscarriage or simply developing pcos/endometriosis?i dont see how my cycle could change so much so drastically and quickly. Ive ruled out something wrong with my cervix/infection becos theres no pain,it feels like its coming from my womb(am gettin cramps)isnt like a cut or anything AND more importantly bcos ive skipped my real period. It does however seem to be induced my sex in someway,almost as if it wouldnt come if i hadnt had it,which is makin me hope im pregnant eventho preg test says negative. The only reason i havent gone to a gp yet is because iknow theyl want to give me a smear and if i am pregnant ive heard internals so early arent good,is this true?should i insist on having a laparoscopy(ive heard there r risks)to check for eptopic pregnancy/endometriosis etc and or another ultrasound(my last scan was abt a year ago)could it simply be the cysts on my ovaries bursting? Please note that im not on the pill or any medication, i tried dianette over a year ago for a couple of weeks and it didnt agree with me. Can someone please give me some advice as im going insane and dont want to go to a doctor to simple be told ihave irregular periods.Please help.THANK U