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You don't need to transform your body to get bikini ready - you just need to learn how to feel good about yourself.

Getting bikini ready isn't about slimming down and exercising away those excess pounds - it's simply about getting confident and feeling your best, whatever your shape or size, whether you're slim and toned or slightly squishy (I'm in the latter category!). You can't just become confident, but you can work on it so that you feel as comfortable as can be in your own skin.

Once you're feeling a happier in yourself, you'll feel happier in a bikini - and once you feel happy in that bikini you'll be more than ready to hit the pool.

Take a Look At Yourself In the Mirror

It might sound a bit weird, but in order to really be comfortable in yourself and in your own skin, you've got to sit down and take a look in the mirror. Check out the bad bits, the good bits, the bits that you're indifferent about and the bits you really love. Sure, you might not like your stomach, but what about your chest? The tops of your arms might not be as slim as you like but maybe you have slim wrists? Or do you love your eyes? Maybe you have lovely hair? Whatever it is, focus on the bits of yourself that you love and do everything that you can to highlight those parts. The more you learn to accept your body, and to accept what you cannot change, the more confident you'll feel.

Check Your Posture

Posture is incredibly important when it comes to the way you look and feel. Holding your body straight, with your head up, your shoulders back and your legs straight and your arms long will instantly make you look 10 pounds lighter. If you don't want to look slimmer, that's fine, but if you simply want to appear taller, it'll do the trick. Not only will improving your posture make you look slimmer, leaner and taller, it'll make you seem more confident, more at ease with yourself and it'll portray to the outside world that you're confident, even if you're not. Fake it 'til you make it, as they say!

Go to Sleep

If you don't get enough sleep, your skin will be sallow, your eyes will be dull and you'll just look really, really tired. We call it beauty sleep for a reason and that is because without it, it's fairly difficult to use makeup to make yourself look awake.

All of the foundation in the world won't help unless you've actually had some sleep, so switch off your phone and your computer, get into bed and try to get a good eight hours' sleep.

If you're tired out and just can't get any more sleep, make sure that your skin is hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by using a good moisturizer. You won't be able to wear makeup at the pool, so you'll have to get gorgeous glowy skin before you head out.

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