My girlfriend has a friend that she has known for most of her life. They have always been close and he has always wanted to be with her. Recently he has started trying to steal her from me. We have been together for years and things are good. I have explained to her that it bothers me when he does things like send her flowers or outright tell her that he wants to be with her. She tells me she is afraid of losing her friendship and doesn't want to hurt him so she has yet to do anything about the situation. Am I wrong for letting this get to me? On some level I feel like my feelings should come first, we are very serious and plan on getting married. I accept who she is and her flaws and I believe she gets pleasure from having him chasing her, even though I trust her and don't doubt for a second she has any wrong ideas or thoughts. There was a short 1 week period they did try to start a relationship in the past and she decided not to take it further. After many talks I have made zero progress, I tried explaining that friendship isn't what he wants and she has to make it clear that he will not get what he want. She always says she doesn't want to lose her friend but if they really are true friends shouldn't he be willing to accept her feelings and not let it change things? And if it does, then they weren't really that good of friends to begin with?